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Are you looking for a new digital way to increase your popularity and visibility among potential customers for your business?

Or maybe you want to start a social media campaign to promote a product / event / service?

Or perhaps you just need a strong technological ally to ease your tasks at work?

It's time to take a step ahead of competition and plan your future in the company of the latest technologies available. And YES! We can help!


Today, the success is built with time and energy. Yet, in order to be prepared for tomorrow, the latest technologies and brightest ideas are needed.

Thinking not only for the moment but also about the future, we are able to come up with plans and projects that are destined to transform themselves in valuable partners to your business.


So STOP trying to align yourself with others and START planning how to overcome them.

Find more about us and check out our services and see how we can help you.

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Tomorrow Interactive is a interactive agency focused on developing innovative and customized application, according to the different needs and expectations of our clients.

Founded in late 2012 by two technology enthusiasts, we have succeeded in developing over 70 web and mobile projects in our first year for some of the leading clients in advertising, research and manufacturing industries. Our goal is to help our customers stay in touch with the ever-changing trends in consumers markets using the latest technological solutions available to us.

So if you are a client, a company or a job seeker, go over to our #contact section and get in touch. We are always looking to meet new people and 'interact' with them.


We have completed over 70 web and mobile projects in our first year for some of the leading clients in advertising, research and manufacturing industries. Some of our clients are:

Web Development

Thinking about your online presence? Whether it's about presenting your company, promoting your brand, engaging in e-commerce, we are here to help you. Any brand new idea that you think about needs its own space on the internet. We can place at your disposal services such as design, content management, web development, search engine optimization and even more.

Mobile Development

The Internet is now Mobile! So don't get stuck in front of your desk and take your ideas on the run. Mobile versions of websites or dedicated applications for iOS and Android devices, tell us what you have in mind and we'll give you a solution.


Is one of your projects time consuming, running late, exceeding it's budget? We can help you get trough it! With our dedicated team of programmers/designers/ managers we can transform any project in to instant successes.

Games & Software

Lately, finding new ways to reach the final consumers has become more and more challenging due to constant competition of new ideas on the advertising market. Advergames are one of the newest methods of promoting brands and products. In the same time, customized software designed to cover properly identified needs, are taking a big step forward among business all over the world.

IT Consulting

Getting stuck on some IT problems? Need some advices? Together we can find the best solutions for your needs. Strategy, Creation and Planning will prove to be the keys to a better view of your options and why not, even open new doors to your points of view.

Other Services

Getting in touch with the newest trends available, will give you plenty of new possibilities. While other agencies are quite reticent on using latest emerging technologies, we are ready to enter into a partnership with our clients in finding innovative ways of putting them at work. This way, we're not only covering the most demanding needs but we also do our part in helping the development of tomorrow.

Baking projects...

Right now we are working on some staggering projects so if you want to know what are we up to, give us back a visit soon or follow our social accounts for later announcements. View Projects  
Online platform - research comunity
 Client: Mappers |  Complexity: Murder |  Duration: 2 months View is a online research community.
Technologies: php/mysql, jquery/javascript, html/css, codeigniter, gc,
Online platform - research sample community
Platforma Anamnesis
 Client: Anamnesis |  Complexity: Murder |  Duration: 4 months
Internal use with fixed targeted number of users. The platform uses a modular aproach, segmented into forums, blogs, ranking system, template customisation and others, all custom made.
Technologies: php/mysql, jquery/javascript, codeigniter with symphony modules, html/css, twig.
Facebook Aplication For TV Show
8 Intr-o Barca
 Client: TVR |  Complexity: Easy |  Duration: 1 week View  
The application made easier for the fans of the show to vote for their favorite or favorites, during the period of a hole week,also they could see the results of the previews weeks.
Technologies: php/mysql, jquery/javascript, html/css
Website for pet food
 Client: Happy & Lucky Pet |  Complexity: Medium |  Duration: 5 days View  
The project had the objective to create an environment where pet-lovers could find customized products for their pets and they could easily find and search the latest brands.
Technologies: php/mysql, html/css
A new way of sharing online discoveries!
 Client: None |  Complexity: Murder |  Duration: 2 weeks
A new way of sharing online discoveries with a personalized touch of your highlights, notes and ideas. Highlight your focused content and conviently send it by a short link to your friends, collegues or partners from any existing page in the World Wide Web. With Taglight, sharing your content has just become easier!
Technologies: php/mysql, jquery/javascript, html/css, nodejs
Facebook Application for "Vara pe val" TV Show
Vara pe val
 Client: TVR |  Complexity: Medium |  Duration: 7 days
The application had the role of giving the Facebook users the posibility to vote for their favourite team, artist and transmission, during the broadcast period.
Technologies: php/mysql, jquery/javascript, html/css
Facebook Application for Eurovision
 Client: TVR |  Complexity: Medium |  Duration: 7 days
The application had the role of giving the fans of TVR Facebook Page the possibility to vote for their favorite artists performing at Eurovision 2013 Romania.
Technologies: php/mysql, jquery/javascript, html/css
Service Branding
 Client: Anamnesis |  Complexity: Easy |  Duration: 1 week
The client launched in 2013 a new product for wich he needed a new identity. The goal was to concept, plan and convert the new brand in serveral environments, both digital and print.
Technologies: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
Advocacy and legal resources platform
 Client: Radu S |  Complexity: Murder |  Duration: 6 months
The objective of this project was to create an online environment where lawyers and other legal practicians can simplify the procedures of their practice. The platform is developed by following a modular approach in order to permit future updates being implemented.
Technologies: php/mysql, jquery/javascript, codeigniter, html/css, text recognition, flex search
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